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It’s been hard going through life knowing what I am
Is what so many will never be able understand
Because the only cure for this disorder of mine is found from within my own mind


I’ve lost track of the yellow brick road now how will I
Get to where it is that I’m going if I don’t know where I am
I wasn’t going to ask for the world I am only seeking the truth from the man behind the curtain


Deja-vu all over again how can a foreign place seem so familiar
Is it just a coincidence or is there something more
Could it be these moments are really memories from a past-life as I was laying out the life I lead now


Having the basics in life its so fundamental yet it’s often overlooked
Materialism at its finest is this now what it means to be wealthy
While shifting through your pile of gold I found nothing irreplaceable because maybe that’s been gone since long ago


For as long as the grass has been a beautiful green and the skies their endless blue
Corruption has filled the air in-between polluting the world we live in
The same man for whom you stand in line to cast your vote for may be the same to cast your loved one far far away


Never knowing the ones who gave you life taken in at birth moving from one to the next
Uncertainty is the only constant in your life followed by neglect and abuse
They ignored every cry you ever made for help is it really any surprise that you ended up the shooter


You could have had a life you always dreamed of but everyone was always out to get you
But how could that be when you were even hiding from yourself
Instead of counting the bars in front of you why don’t you try counting the opportunities that you ran from trying to prove your potential


The occupation of my heart is underway you broke through the gate long ago
With no more defense tactics in place it looks like I am yours for the taking
But before I knew what happened you must have taken everything you needed and were once again on your way


\m/ Jeff \m/
Jeff Weidemoyer

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