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ADP “One Man’s Journey” is the official name for the creative project ADP. The extensions for ADP include ADP Comics and ADP Records.

ADP Comics is the title for the group of comic distribution and management operations including: FYP Comics | LAD Comics | ATG Comics. ADP Records is the title for the group of record distribution and management operations including: FTM Records | LCV Records | ATO Records.


ADP “One Man’s Journey” was a making in progress since 2006, although at this time the creative project was nameless. ADP was originally titled “Sailing into Blinding Darkenss”, and then “Abandoned by The Gods”. A Dissociated Personality was chosen as the official name in mid-2011. Late-2011, a good friend by the name of Ryan Raplee suggested that he shortened it with the acronym ADP. This is where the three letter acronym idea was born for the extensions of ADP, as well as DPD Interactive LLC extensions.

ADP stands for “A Dissociated Personality”, which is a description of Jeff Weidemoyer’s medical disorder of Depersonalization Disorder.

ADP has composed many riff concepts, and written many poems | lyrics written over the course of it’s history. The encouragement and support of friends and family has turned ADP into a typical hobby, into a lifestyle.

It is well known that history is written every day. Jeff Weidemoyer intends to make sure that statement is lived to it’s fullest potential with everything that features the ADP symbol.


\m/ ADP \m/

Jeff Weidemoyer
DPD Interactive LLC (Founder / Owner / President)   |   ADP (One Man’s Journey)
Website: | Email:
Website: | Email:

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